Monday, February 8, 2010

milan draw once again..

didn't hangout late on saturday because of milan's game versus bologna on sunday morning. i thought this was going to be a sure win but we failed to convert once again. ronaldinho had a tough week from his mother's bank account being hacked and almost losing 300,000 euros. also, there has been a few allegations that he partied the night before the derby with inter. so, he has been under a lot of stress. not to mention he has been in a slump after his hat trick with siena. personally, i think he is still in great form and could do a lot more for milan this year. looks like we'll see the return of pato and nesta for the champions leauge game against manchester united. we also need to buy dzeko in the summer transfer window along with a world class center back. then we can start winning some titles. forza milan..